Ian grew up with a love for melody, listening to everything from Paul McCartney to Mozart. The Beatles are easily his biggest influence; no other groups have made such a notable impact on his music. A few however, such as Belle and Sebastian, The Eagles, and The Barenaked Ladies, have come close.


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Ian's first EP entitled "Not Forever, Just Today" is available now for purchase on iTunes, Amazon mp3, CD Baby, and many more.

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Ian’s music all began with piano lessons as a child.  After a few months the teacher declared him unteachable because he was learning the material by ear instead of reading the sheet music. In his last year of high school he was reunited with a piano and everything changed. He started teaching himself piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, and mandolin; he knew then that music was his true passion.

Ian chose to pursue music as a career after high-school when he had realised that his life had been immensely enriched and improved upon by music. He hoped that with his gifts for music and creativity that he could give back to the world, what music had given him. The power of music; to heal, inspire, and say what words cannot is immense and to be able to give some glimmer of hope, a moment of comfort, or even a laugh or two is all that Ian has ever wished from his life.

His next ambition is to continue to record albums and inspire a whole new generation of musicians to create.

Ian Ormiston is a Los Angeles area based singer-songwriter and has been entertaining audiences in Southern California since 2011. After attending Berklee College of Music, Ian has been hard at work writing, performing, and recording music in Los Angeles for the whole world to hear. His first EP was released April 1, 2013 and Livingston Taylor, described it as being “wonderful work… skillfully written, well played and nicely recorded.”